Silver Fiber Anti-bacterial Fabric For Mask

Composition: cotton: 96% silver fiber: 4%
GSM: 130g/m²
Width: 57"-58"

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Product Details
  1. Article  Name: silver fiber plain anti-microbial fabric

2. Article Number: SWT011
3. Composition: cotton: 96% silver fiber: 4%
4. GSM: 130g/m²
5. Width: 57"-58"
6. Specification: 40S*32S
7. Technique: Plain
8. Function: Antibacterial Rate: >99.9%
9. Application: Be suitable for the lining of mask and clothes.

Heat conduction: Silver fiber can quickly transmit the temperature on the skin to reduce body temperature and reach a cool feeling. In cold weather, the pores of the human body do not shrink a lot and permeate, and radiation energy is emitted to regulate body temperature and body temperature loss. Due to radiation effects, silver is the most effective material for storage and reflection. It can store or reflect radiant energy back to the body to produce the best thermal effect.

Healthcare: With the "Silver" rapid conduction characteristics, blood circulation can be promoted, and fatigue can be eliminated or significantly reduced to achieve medical health care functions.

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