EMF Shielding And RFID Blocking Conductive Fabric

1. Number: SCN002H
2. Composition: 100% silver fiber
3. GSM: 34g/m²
4. Width: 144cm

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Product Details
  1. Product Name: Tricot  mesh silver fabric

2. Number: SCN002H
3. Composition: 100% silver fiber 
4. GSM: 34g/m²
5. Width: 144cm
6. Specification: 15D/1F
7. Technique: mesh fabric 
8. Function: Antibacterial Rate: >99.9%; Resistance <1Ω/cm; Shielding efficiency >44DB
9. Application: Used for radiation protection ,curtain and mosquito nets etc .

It is made of ultrafine silver fiber. It has good shielding effect. It can be applied to

Anti-radiation curtain and radiation-proof mosquito net.Silver has good electrical conductivity. This property is several times or even hundreds of times that of general conductive metals. The basic principle of conductive radiation resistance. Fabrics woven from silver fibers are excellent materials for shielding electromagnetic radiation

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