Sterling Silver Mosquito Nets Fabric

Composition: 100% silver fiber
GSM: 34g/m²
Width: 144cm
Specification: 15D/1F

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Product Details
  1. Article  Name: Pure silver fiber mesh fabric

2. Article Number: SCN002
3. Composition: 100% silver fiber
4. GSM: 34g/m²
5. Width: 144cm
6. Specification: 15D/1F
7. Function: Antibacterial Rate: >99.9%; Resistance <1Ω/cm; Shielding efficiency: 35-40DB

The shielding effect of radiation protection clothes is mainly related to the content of wire or silver wire of radiation protection suits. In general, the higher the content, the better the shielding effect of radiation protection suits. According to the radiation protection clothing production technology standards, the content of metal wire or silver wire in the general radiation protection fabric is 10%-40%, and the fabric with the wire or silver content of 30% is selected, the radiation protection level is the highest, and the silver fiber The content of 100% is the best. However, as a whole, silver fibers have better radiation protection than metal fibers

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