100% of the Silver Conductive Fiber FDY 40D

Specification: FDY40D
Composition: 100% silver fiber
Type: Metallic yarn
Base Material: Nylon

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Product Details

1. Product name: 100%of the silver conductive fiber FDY 40D
2. Specification: FDY40D
3. Composition: 100% silver fiber
4. Type: Metallic yarn
5. Base Material: Nylon
6. Application: Used for radiation protection, conductive textiles etc.
7. Simple Test Methods:
Antibacterial Property: Fresh milk test
(Dip in 1:10 fresh milk with water couple of days to see if the milk goes sour or comes up with bacterial colony)
Electrical Conductivity: Surface resistance tester
(Direct reading from the tester)

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