Conductive Silver Filament for 3D Printer

Specification: 140D
Composition: 100% silver fiber
Application: Shielding fabric, underwear, clothing, home textiles • Anti-bacterial fabric, socks, medical products • Burns and scalds medical products

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Product Details

Production name: Conductive Silver Filament For 3D Printer

Composition: 100% silver fiber 

Product advantages:

Silver fiber has excellent antibacterial, conductive, and radiation protection functions. Silver fiber DTY is more widely used in textiles. Under the premise of ensuring the inherent characteristics of silver fiber, it provides better hand feel and comfort.

Product performance:

a. Can be applied to antibacterial textiles, the antibacterial rate is over 99.9%

b. Applied to radiation protection textiles, shielding rate of more than 50DB

c. Applied to conductive textiles, resistance up to <10Ω/cm.



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