FDY 140D Silver Plated Nylon Filament

Serial Number: FDY140
Type: Chemical Fiber (Filament)
Specification: 140
Base Material: Nylon.

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Product Details

1. Product Name: FDY 140D Silver Plated Nylon Filament
2. Serial Number: FDY140
3. Type: Chemical Fiber (Filament)
4. Specification: 140
5. Base Material: Nylon
6. Suggestion:
(1) Keep the product in closed package like black plastic bag if not used frequently (one year above)
(2) Avoid touching with chemistry such as strong acidity and alkalinity during manufacturing.
(3) Strictly control the temperature lower than 100 ℃ during manufacturing.
(4) Recommend use specified silver fiber laundry detergent for washing, infrequently is better.

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