Silver Fiver Polyester Sewing Thread

Specification: (250D+70D)/2,250g/cone, 3100m/cone
Resistance: 10-20Ω.CM

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Product Details

1. Product Name: silver fiver polyester sewing thread
2. NO.: SP25070FX-250
3. Specification: (250D+70D)/2,250g/cone, 3100m/cone
4. Resistance: 10-20Ω.CM
5. Composition: Polyester +Silver fiber
6. Usage: Can be used in the field of anti-static clothing, sewing conductive blankets, conductive earthing sheets, etc., good strength, good conductivity.
7. Silver fiver polyester sewing thread With good electrical conductivity, it can be applied to all kinds of high demand conductive products, which is the best conductive flexible material. It can be used in anti-static clothing, conductive bed sheet, conductive blanket, smart wear and other products.

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