Anti-microbial Pure Silver Yarn

Twist: Z
Technics: Siro Spun
Specification: 32S,40S
Composition: 10% silver fiber, 90% cotton

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Product Details
  1. Product Name:  Anti-microbial Pure Silver Yarn 

2. Twist: Z
3. Technics: Siro Spun
4. Specification: 32S,40S
5. Composition: 10% silver fiber, 90% cotton
6. Customization: customized
7. Often encountered such problems, "What is silver fiber," "silver can do fiber," then the difficulty that must be very great bar, indeed, do sterling silver to fiber surface, does require a complicated process, but , Silver is a natural natural antibacterial material, is the minimum resistance of the metal, silver fiber made of pure silver has antibacterial, conductive, radiation and other effects, widely used in the textile and apparel, medical, smart wear and other industries, is the current international market New materials with promising development.

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