Antibacterial And Odor Resistant Socks

Weight : 43 g
Stitches : 168 needles
Yarn Count :32S

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Product Details

Article Name : Antibacterial And Odor Resistant Socks 

Article Number : C316253

Weight : 43g 

Stitches : 168

Yarn Count :32S

Composition: 8% silver fiber ,72%cotton ,17%nylon ,3%spandex 

Silver socks are woven with imported sock weaving machine and combed yarns consisting Kazhtex® silver fibers and long-staple cotton fibers. In addition to the comfort as cotton socks, silver socks are also equipped with natural, safe and long lasting anti-bacterial features, moreover, anti-bacterial and deodorant features will survive more than 50 times of wash, and for which it can be rated as a high-tech product in socks.

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