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Antibacterial products affect our lives
- Jun 15, 2018 -

With the development of social economy, bacteria are also updating. There are more and more food additives today, which also breeds many bacteria. The famous host Meng Fei once commented on Japan's opening up of vegetables in China, resolutely not hitting pesticides, weeds are everywhere, for the original ecological vegetables, loss year after year, which also provoked Chinese people to laugh. Meng Fei said: The Japanese are cooking in China and let the Chinese eat raw vegetables. This is more ethical and far-sighted than Chinese anti-bacterial vegetables. It can be seen that green products should be kept away from bacteria, but this also puts forward higher requirements for antimicrobial agents. Recently, a researcher in the United States has developed a new type of antibacterial material that can be used in medical products, home textiles, clothing, masks, socks and other items for antibacterial processing, and can still maintain the antibacterial effect of multiple washing. Suzhou Tek Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. tells you that this technology is equally effective for natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

Furthermore, the clothing treated by this technique has not been damaged after several hot water washing cycles, indicating that such antibacterial agents will not detach from the fabric even under severe conditions. This feature also makes it possible to use in food packaging, children's toys, medical supplies, military equipment and other products.

Antibacterial agents are very broadly classified and used in all areas of our lives to make our lives healthier. Suzhou Tek Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is the antibacterial expert around you!

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