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Description of silver fiber
- Dec 31, 2018 -

I often encounter such problems, "What is silver fiber" and "Pure silver can make fiber", so the difficulty must be very large, indeed, the sterling silver to achieve the fiber surface does require a complicated process, but Silver is a natural antibacterial material in nature. It is a metal with low electrical resistance. Silver fiber made of pure silver has antibacterial, conductive and anti-radiation effects. It is widely used in textile, garment, medical, smart wear and other industries. New materials with promising prospects.

How did the silver fiber do it? Let Kazhtex tell you. Kazhtex® silver fiber is a new type of textile fiber with complete intellectual property rights developed by the company in cooperation with universities. Invention patent number: 201410407220.6. Kazhtex® silver fiber uses nylon as the substrate to continuously remove the oil------------------------------reduction deposition process. The innovations of this process compared with other electroless silver plating processes are as follows: 1. Using glucose as a reducing agent, avoiding the use of formaldehyde as a reducing agent, there is no residual pollution of formaldehyde gas and residual danger in the fiber. 2. Activation, using low concentration silver ions to reduce the formation of nanoparticles, using the autocatalysis of silver, slowly grow in situ to form a continuous pure silver coating layer. The process technology is mature, environmentally friendly and non-polluting, and the obtained silver fiber silver film has good fastness, low specific resistivity, bright color, soft hand feeling and good spinnability.

Characteristics of silver fiber:

*Strong deodorization (ANTI-ODOR)

*ANTI-MICROBIAL - natural, safe,

*All Natural (ALL NATURAL)

*Antistatic (ANTI-STATIC)

*Thermal conduction (THERMODYNAMIC)

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