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The difference between metal fiber fabric and silver conductive fabric
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The difference between metal fiber fabric and silver conductive fabric

1, shielding performance

The metal fiber has outstanding electrical conductivity and the shielding efficiency is about 50DB. The conductive performance of the silver fiber radiation protection suit is several tens of times that of the ordinary metal fiber. The silver fiber radiation protection suit like the enamel uses the nano silver ion vacuum high energy beam plating technology to shield the shielding efficiency up to 70DB.

2, comfort

Metal fiber radiation protection clothing is hard and comfortable. Silver fiber radiation suits are much more comfortable to wear than metal fiber radiation suits.

3, antioxidant capacity

Metal fibers have strong antioxidant capacity and can be washed directly. Silver fiber itself has low antioxidant capacity and is easy to be oxidized with oxygen in the air. It is not suitable for washing.

4, the price

Metal fiber is simple to make and materials are easy to obtain, so the price is relatively affordable. Silver fiber itself is a precious metal, and the production process is more complicated, so the price is higher.

5, clothes cleaning

Metal fiber radiation protection suits can be directly cleaned without special requirements for water quality. Silver fiber radiation protection suits are best cleaned with pure water or warm water to avoid the oxidation of silver fiber radiation protection fabrics caused by chlorine and oxygen in the water, reducing the shielding performance.

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