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The Status and Prospect of Antibacterial Products in China
- May 08, 2018 -

In recent years, China has been committed to the promotion and popularization of antibacterial knowledge. Consumers' awareness of antibacterial products has been greatly improved. The rational and safe use of antibacterial technology is gradually becoming the consensus of antibacterial products companies and consumers.
Use public media such as newspapers, magazines, websites, industry conference proceedings, etc. for propaganda and reporting;
In 2012, CIAA established the Association's journal "Antimicrobial Technology and Industry" and opened a microblog and other self-media exchange platform CIAA.

Changes in antibacterial products companies in recent years
After full market competition, the number of antibacterial materials companies has decreased from more than 100 once to the current dozens.
Antibacterial materials companies have turned to specialize in research in different fields and provide professional technical services. Now they have their own characteristics and formed differentiated competition.
The exploration of the antibacterial field by leading companies in various industries in China has led to the expansion of antimicrobial products in various fields;
The self-discipline of antibacterial products has been gradually strengthened, and more emphasis has been placed on the maintenance of the company's own brand and the improvement of product quality.
The safety and quality of antimicrobial products have significantly improved CIAA.

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