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Waterproof and moisture permeable textile
- Jan 13, 2019 -

Waterproof and moisture permeable textile

Waterproof and moisture permeable fabric is also called anti-counterfeiting and quick-drying fabric. It is a functional fabric that integrates waterproof, moisture permeable, quick-drying and thermal insulation properties on a special antibacterial substrate material. Its long-lasting and stable antibacterial properties are also one of its powerful functional properties.

Such fabrics are currently mainly used in close-fitting textiles, and the practical uses are as follows:

Long-lasting and stable antibacterial properties ensure that the body is kept away from pollution.

Moisture absorption and quick drying, breathable and dry.

LOGO appears in the wet, anti-counterfeiting.

At present, the product is mainly used in underwear, baby clothing, sportswear;

After a lot of sweating, the clothes made of this material are dry and non-stick, can dry in a short time, moisture will not be recovered by the pores of the human body and cause heavy moisture; antibacterial property ensures that the human body is free from bacterial infestation, less odor, slightly After the wound, the chance of infection can be reduced; in the case of wetness, the LOGO helps the brand to enhance brand recognition and recognition, and the unique anti-counterfeiting technology makes the identification more interesting.

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