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What is the health of wearing pants?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

1. "3 no" wearing pants

One should not wear too tight underwear; the second should not wear dark underwear; three should not wear chemical fiber underwear.

2, cotton fabrics, ventilation and hygiene

Many women have troubles with lower itching and vaginal discharge and discoloration. This is a problem caused by tight ventilation of small pants. When purchasing small underwear, it can be made of cotton fabric and loose design.

3, sun drying, ultraviolet sterilization

In order to maintain the image of a lady, many girls always keep their underwear in a dark place. This will disappoint the goodwill of nature, because the sun contains ultraviolet light, can be sterilized and disinfected, keeping the panties clean.

If you are still embarrassed to let the little pants lie in the sun, use a dryer to dry the pants. Clean and refreshing panties, they will be comfortable to wear.

4, underwear hand wash

The clothes inside can be washed by hand or cleaned separately. Try not to wash them with pants and socks.

5, underwear changed for half a year

In an interview with reporters, the Knitting Association experts said that under normal circumstances, the use of higher frequency underwear, half a year. If the underwear appears to be dry and hard, and the stains are not cleaned, it must be replaced in time.

6, change underwear: long not more than 2-3 days

In life, you must develop the habit of washing your underwear and changing your underwear. It is recommended to change it every day, especially in the summer, not more than 2-3 days. Separate from the outerwear when cleaning, try to wash with soap. In addition, the underwear is placed separately, you can buy some special storage bags, or put them into a clean plastic bag to avoid dust and bacteria, affecting health.

7, menstrual wear underwear must be dedicated

Professor Gynecology said that the glue behind the sanitary napkin can make the sanitary napkin firmly adhere to the underwear, but the glue will not be completely removed from the underwear because of washing. Failure to completely remove will directly threaten women's physical health.

It is recommended that the underwear worn during menstruation should not be worn normally; usually, it is necessary to give up the use of small pads with adhesive.

8, fungal vaginitis to wear disposable underwear

Gynecologists said: 80% of women are likely to have fungal vaginitis, especially women who have sex. During the onset of fungal vaginitis, the panties that pass through are either thrown away or either boiled and sterilized, and the panties are not dried. It is recommended to wear disposable underwear during the attack, which can be thrown away at any time.

9, appropriate for the underwear holiday

Do not wear underwear when sleeping, bare skin can absorb more nutrients.

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