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Antibacterial Textiles To Promote Market Development
- May 23, 2018 -

In social situations, multi-purpose clothing is more susceptible to bacteria and produces annoying odors. This is definitely not a pleasant experience for people wearing this kind of clothing or people around them. Changes in the performance of clothing are an important sign of bacterial erosion, because there is a certain proportion of organic matter, moisture, and temperature on the surface of intimate clothing, which provides a perfect environment for microbes that produce odors.

 In recent years, antibacterial products have become more widely used in the textile industry. Today's consumers are not only pursuing the beauty and comfort of the clothing, but also require the clothing to provide better protection for the skin, good quality, and easy care. Because of this, Suzhou Tek Silver Fiber Technology believes that consumers will be more willing to purchase underwear with durable antibacterial agents.

 However, what kind of antibacterial technology is suitable for textiles? Suzhou Tek Silver Fiber Technology clearly tells you that the antibacterial agent used on clothes that are directly in contact with the skin must ensure that it has a high level of safety and that his active ingredients will not penetrate the skin and enter the body. In particular, it is necessary to prohibit the use of bactericide components that may remain in the human body and accumulate.

 In the textile industry, the antibacterial requirements are mainly to prevent the clothes from being attacked by bacteria and produce odors, or to prevent the textiles from being infected by molds during transportation and storage. Of course, all antibacterial agents applied to clothing should be specially designed and developed to ensure that it does not affect any performance of the textile.

 Suzhou Tek Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with universities to develop Kazhtex® silver fiber and successfully applied to a series of products: silver fiber antibacterial socks, silver fiber anti-bacterial dust masks, silver fiber antibacterial underwear, etc., with a number of domestic patents to create The leading position of domestic functional textiles. Choose us, choose to rest assured!

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