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Do You Have Trouble With Stinky Socks?
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Have you ever been upset about the smell from your body? Suzhou Tek Silver Fiber Technology tells you that the market for silver fiber clothing is now very popular. The clothes are worn on the body, and even if they are not washed for several days, they can still give off a fresh taste.

Because the silver fiber added to the garment can not only remove the bacteria that produce odor, but also adjust the heat dissipation of the body to achieve the dual effects of winter heat preservation and summer temperature drop.

The US Environmental Protection Agency requires manufacturers to provide scientific evidence to ensure that when silver is used in apparel production, it does not pose a risk to water and public health. Noble Biomaterials of Scranton, USA, focused silver fiber on the production of sportswear and US military uniforms. “We used to stay in the jungle for a long time, the clothes were moldy and smelly, and the skin was infected with various infections,” said Bill McNally, the veteran and founder of Noble Biomaterials. “At the time, I thought there would be a solution in the future. "Now, the US Army and Navy soldiers wear X-Static silver fiber socks and T-shirts from Noble. The silver fiber in the clothes not only has the effect of removing the odor of the soldiers, but also the defense line against the bullets. Since the silver itself has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, once the soldier is injured, the silver component in the fabric will treat the wound.

In fact, the silver content of each pair of socks is only one hundred ounces (about 0.28 grams). But when it comes to the magical effect of silver fiber, Noble's staff suggested that customers may wish to do an experiment: wearing silver fiber socks on one foot and ordinary socks on one foot, not washing for one week. "After a week of taking off and smelling, you can feel the difference." The company staff half jokingly said


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