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Introduction Of Elemental Silver
- Dec 29, 2018 -

Metallic silver has a long history of antibacterial use. In ancient times, silver bowls, silver chopsticks, and metallic silver were very safe. Generally, the size of the elemental material was micron. Therefore, micron silver wire and silver fiber have appeared on the market, the width is about several micrometers, the length is even several thousand micrometers, and the cost is safe. To achieve the micron-level silver metal element, the cost is extremely high, the nano-effect is lost, and the antibacterial effect is slightly worse than that of nano-silver. However, it is safe and non-resistant, and has been widely accepted by the middle and high-end market. It is considered to be a generation of silver. Antibacterial materials are expected to move into a wider range of fields.


A standard paramecium has a width of about 2 microns, a cocci is about 0.75-1.25 microns in diameter, and a bacillus is about 1-5 microns long. The size of a human cell is typically on the order of a few to a few hundred microns, thereby triggering silver ions and Nano silver is absorbed by the body and enters the human body. At present, there are negative reports on the human body caused by nanomaterials.


At present, the sales of e-commerce and micro-business in China are popular. There are many products for the purpose of propaganda, vaguely the source of their technology, exaggerating their performance effects, inconsistency when describing process technology, copying and copying some vocabulary words on the tall, The public needs to be carefully discerned. The above is an analysis of the "ion type, nano type, metal type" of common silver-based antibacterial materials.

The real silver fiber is covered with 99.99% pure silver on the surface of the nylon substrate. It is the true pure silver, the effect of silver fiber and the role of silver fiber. Naturally, it is necessary to treat it differently!

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