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Introduction Of Socks Pilling
- Jan 02, 2019 -

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's performance requirements for fabrics are getting higher and higher. Socks are the essential textiles in life. Most people care about the pilling problem of socks. Many people don't understand what is the truth, and even some of them. People will think that as long as the pilling is a quality problem, it has reached the point of "talking about the color change".


      In fact, this is a kind of prejudice of people. The pilling phenomenon mostly occurs in wool, polyester/wool and cotton fabrics. During the use of natural short-fiber garments, the fibers are stretched to the surface of the fabric due to mechanical action and form vellus hair; The hair is entangled into knots, which are connected to the surface of the fabric by the anchor fibers to form a hair bulb; during the rubbing, washing, cleaning and wearing, continuous mechanical action causes the ball to fall off.


      Any short fiber will pilling. If the speed of the ball is greater than the speed of the falling off, the ball will accumulate on the surface of the fabric; the socks are generally made of natural fibers and the essential elastic spandex material that makes up the socks. Socking is a normal textile property. We can greatly reduce the pilling through raw materials, fabric design, textile technology and use, but we can't afford the ball at all. This is still a technical problem still to be solved in the international textile industry.


      Long fiber length, fineness, low yarn twist, bulky, socks feel softer and more comfortable, but relatively easy to pilling; on the contrary, although the pilling is reduced, it sacrifices the feel and comfort and other aspects. performance.


      Compared with woven fabrics, socks are used as knitted fabrics, and the structure is bulky, and the exposed yarn area is larger, making it easier to pilling. However, the elasticity, softness and breathability of knitted fabrics are incomparable to woven fabrics.

We can reduce the pilling of socks by some chemical finishing methods, but the washing resistance and natural environmental protection of chemical finishing are still open to question.


      Therefore, various fibers, yarns and fabrics can cause pilling. In theory, the selection of various influencing factors can reduce pilling, but in most cases, these will affect other properties of the fabric.

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