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Silver Fiber Product Features
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Suzhou TEK Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in silver fiber antibacterial socks, silver fiber antibacterial dust masks, silver fiber antibacterial underwear, etc., and has many domestic patents to create a leading position in domestic functional textiles. Today, Suzhou Tektronix Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. explains the characteristics of silver fiber products.

       Silver fiber products are antibacterial, antibacterial, and odor-free. Silver metal itself has antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects, and the released silver ions also have a bactericidal effect. The mechanism of metal silver sterilization is to block the physiological process of bacteria. In a warm and humid environment, silver has a very high biological activity - this means that the released silver ions are easily combined with other substances, causing the proteins inside and outside the bacterial cell membrane to coagulate, thereby blocking the respiratory and reproductive processes of the bacterial cells. The warmer and drier the environment, the stronger the activity of silver ions, so silver fiber is very suitable for use in the field of clothing.

 Secondly, silver fiber can promote the natural emission of moisture through the hydrophobic material, which is similar to the effect of the body's evaporation by sweating. The moisture guiding effect of the silver fiber will accelerate the evaporation of moisture. Silver fiber garments reduce moisture at the point of contact with the skin to improve comfort. It also has good air permeability, soft hand feeling, resistant to repeated washing, not worn after washing, and can be worn close to the body, which is comfortable and healthy.

  Suzhou TEK Silver Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. invites you to experience!

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