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Suzhou Tektronix Silver Fiber Technology Tells You That Silver Fiber Fabric Is The First Choice For Pregnant Mothers.
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Speaking of radiation protection suits, modern pregnant mothers should not be unfamiliar, especially the young pregnant mothers after 80 and 90 are more concerned about birth! The silver fiber radiation protection suit is also a kind of favored by pregnant mothers in various fabric radiation protection suits. So what are the advantages of silver fiber radiation protection suits? Today, Suzhou Tektronix Silver Fiber Technology will explain for you one by one.

       Pregnant women who are familiar with radiation protection suits know that radiation protection suits mainly have two kinds of materials, metal fiber and silver fiber, while silver fiber material has better feel and touch than metal fiber. Comfortable, breathable, not hard. And it is well formed and more supple.

       Silver is a beautiful silver-white metal that has good flexibility and ductility, and its electrical conductivity and heat transfer are all in the metal. The reason why silver can be used to make silver fiber and then make garments is also due to this characteristic. The good electrical conductivity determines that the radiation resistance in the radiation protection material is far superior to that of the metal fiber. When the silver fiber fabric touches the surrounding electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic wave can be refracted, reflected or converted into heat energy to be evacuated at a faster speed and higher efficiency. At the same time, Suzhou Tektronix Silver Fiber Technology tells you that silver has good electrical conductivity. This kind of performance is several times or even hundreds of times of general conductive metal, and the basic principle of conductive radiation resistance. Fabrics woven from silver fibers are excellent materials for shielding electromagnetic radiation.

 The mechanism of metal silver sterilization is to block the physiological process of bacteria. In warm and humid environments, silver ions have a very high biological activity - this means that silver ions are easily combined with other substances, allowing proteins inside and outside the bacterial cell membrane to coagulate, thereby blocking the respiratory and reproductive processes of bacterial cells. The warmer and more humid the environment, the stronger the activity of silver ions.

 Silver fiber has been tested to resist 99.9% of bacteria exposed to surface phenomena within 1 hour. Most other antibacterial products failed to achieve the same results after 48 hours of testing.

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