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Talking About Smart Textiles
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Smart textiles are undoubtedly an important feature of textile development in the future and will become part of people's daily lives. They represent a wide variety of fabrics and garments. Its intelligence comes from the special ingredients or special processes added to the fabric. These can be electronic devices, specially constructed polymers or even colorants.

Many textiles are designed to compensate for undesirable conditions in the environment and provide better protection. For example, many innovative fabrics offer additional conditioning in hot or cold conditions. Other types of smart textiles include electronic devices that are widely used for convenience or security purposes. These textiles are increasingly important in the fashion industry.

Broadly speaking, smart textiles refer to highly intelligent textiles that are developed using multidisciplinary knowledge such as textiles, electronics, chemistry, biology, medicine, etc. Based on the concept of bionics, they can simulate life systems with both perception and response. Features. Smart textiles in the narrow sense refer to electronic information smart textiles. It integrates technologies such as microelectronics, information, and computers into textiles.

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