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Whether Wearing Silver Socks Will Increase The Risk Of Electric Shock
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The surface resistance of ordinary cotton socks is about 10^6-10^9 when it is worn, but the resistance in the thickness direction is about 10^4-7, which decreases with the increase of the environmental humidity and air humidity of the feet. Close to the surface resistance of human skin.

The surface resistance of the silver socks is 10^3---10^6, and the thickness direction is 10^1-4, which decreases as the silver content increases. The purpose of using silver fibers is to be antibacterial, not to reduce the resistance. The silver socks will increase the resistance with the oxidation of silver during the life cycle and will reach the resistance level of ordinary cotton socks. However, the oxidation of silver does not reduce the antibacterial properties.


The reason for the electric shock is that there is enough current flowing through the human body. Although the stocking resistance is smaller than ordinary cotton socks. But as long as there is no loop, there will be no risk of electric shock; if you accidentally get an electric shock, wear silver socks and wear ordinary cotton socks in the whole circuit of electric shock, the resistance of socks is not a decisive factor, depending on the point of contact between electric shock and shoes The sum of all resistances, in this series circuit, the body resistance is about 10^5-7, the resistance of the shoe is 10^9-12, the thickness of the sock is much thinner than the human body and the shoe, comparable to the volume resistance of the stockings, and Ordinary cotton socks have little difference. It is conceivable that even if the resistance is as small as 0, it is the case of not wearing socks, and it will not increase the chance of electric shock more than ordinary socks.

If it is lightning in the wild, the people will be injured whether they are cotton socks or silver socks because the current and voltage of the lightning are extremely high, and the difference in the resistance between ordinary socks and silver socks is not worth mentioning.

There is a situation to pay attention to, if you hold ordinary cotton socks and silver socks to touch the 220V power line, ordinary cotton socks 10 ^ 6-10 ^ 9 resistance may not have a touch inductance, silver socks 10 ^ 3 --- 10 The resistance of ^6 will be, but if the foot wears cotton socks and silver socks to touch the 220V live line, because the resistance in the thickness direction has been greatly reduced, so there will be a touch inductance. This is the rhythm of nuo zuo nuo die, or do not try it easily. In short, in the normal use of wearing silver socks, it will not increase the chance of electric shock.

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