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Why Do Foreign People Don’t Like To Wear Shoes?
- Dec 14, 2018 -

This behavior of not wearing shoes is called earthing in foreign countries. This grounding behavior has been confirmed by many studies, which can alleviate fatigue, improve energy, relieve stress, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, neutralize free radicals, and resist aging. .

What is grounding? Earthing

As the name suggests, grounding is in direct contact with the earth. Most people's shoes are insulated and do not have direct contact with the earth.

We know that the energy of the sun is good for the body. In fact, the energy of the land is also energetic and very beneficial to health.

When we come into direct contact with the ground, the body receives an "energy" that has an important impact on sleep, physical and mental state, and autoimmune function.

Since ancient times, humans have walked barefoot, working in the fields, and intimately contacting the land, naturally receiving land energy.


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