Anti-bacterial Knitting Jersey Fabirc

Number: SKC140
Composition: Cotton: 77% silver fiber: 15% Spandex: 8%
GSM: 140g/m²
Width: 165cm
Specification: 40S/4+40D/1+20D
Technique: Single jersey
Function: Antibacterial Rate: >99.9%

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Product Details

1. Product Name: anti-bacterial knitting jersey fabric
2. Number: SKC140
3. Composition: Cotton: 77% silver fiber: 15% Spandex: 8%
4. GSM: 140g/m²
5. Width: 165cm
6. Specification: 40S/4+40D/1+20D
7. Technique: Single jersey
8. Function: Antibacterial Rate: >99.9%
9. Application: High - grade silver fiber cotton blended yarn weaving has excellent antibacterial properties, and it has anti-radiation function and high-end functional underwear fabric.
Antibacterial knitting fabric, suitable for undergarments products etc.

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