Grey Silver Fabric For Garments

Number: SKC150
Composition: cotton: 84% silver fiber 9% spandex 7%
GSM: 150g/m²
Width: 160cm

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Product Details
  1. Item Name: Grey Silver Fabric For Garments

2. No.: SKC150

3. Composition: cotton: 84% silver fiber 9% spandex 7%
4. GSM: 150g/m²
5. Width: 160cm
6. Specification: 40S+20D
7. Technique: Single jersey
8. Function: Antibacterial Rate: >99.9%

Characteristics of silver fiber antibacterial underwear fabric:

Strong deodorization: Mildew deodorizing function, bacterial growth will make the body produce odor, and silver fiber can very quickly absorb the protein of Amonia and metamorphism and reduce or eliminate odor.

Strong antibacterial :Antibacterial principle: The mechanism of metal silver sterilization is to block the physiological process of bacteria. In a warm and humid environment, silver ions have a very high biological activity - which means that silver ions can easily combine with other substances, making bacteria inside and outside the cell membrane The protein coagulates, thereby blocking the bacterial cell's respiratory and reproductive processes.

All natural :The fiber is made of "silver" and is a naturally occurring natural element that is completely free of the toxic side effects of general chemical products.

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