Light Grey Sterling Electric Yarn

Twist: Z
Technics: Siro Spun
Specification: 32S,40S
Composition: 10% silver fiber, 90% cotton Customization: customized

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Product Details
  1. Product Name: Light Grey Sterling  Conductive Yarn 

2. Twist: Z
3. Technics: Siro Spun
4. Specification: 32S,40S
5. Composition: 10% silver fiber, 90% cotton
6. Customization: customized

7. Deodorizing performance

Metabolism in the breeding and breeding process of bacteria produces unpleasant odors, and silver fiber textiles can very quickly adsorb Amonia and spoiled proteins to reduce or eliminate odors.

8. Heat insulation performance

In the summer, the silver fiber can quickly transmit the temperature on the skin to reduce body temperature and reach a cool feeling. In winter, it reflects the infrared heat energy emitted from the body to regulate body temperature and has a thermos effect.

light grey silver fiber conductive yarn.jpg

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